Senior Staff Software Engineer

Senior Full Time Team Leader

Milwaukee, WI


Do you like making APIs and Web systems that are fast? Do you eat latency for breakfast? Do you write code that others will build on for the next 20 years?  Direct Supply is building the next generation of electronic commerce. Our platform is built from software we own and control with a rich history and deep capability.  We aim for the strategic use of open source tools and libraries as a key accelerator.  Software Development is a top line activity at Direct Supply.  We have great relationships with our customers and suppliers.  We work hard towards our mission of better living for all.  We’d like to invite you to meet our team of experienced professionals as part of our interview process.

As part of an employee owned business, you have an opportunity to participate directly in our future growth. We have excellent benefits. We provide a developer-centric environment, optimized for you to achieve your full potential over the long term.  Sprints are on a two-week schedule. Teams have autonomy to groom their own backlogs and coordinate the details of implementation. Production systems are owned by engineering teams and operated by a mature SRE organization.

What is the first step? For 30 minutes we watch you code.  “Code Kata” is a form of deliberate practice.  It lets us see you do what you do, on your machine, with your tools.  We’ll observe your work using Google Meet / Present Now.  We are serious about what we do.  Kata lets you share your skill up front with a simple, direct demonstration.

Required Skills

  • Mobile Web - back-ends optimized to sing on small devices (Not Apps), great total latency
  • API Development - JSON serializing / validating / authenticating / securing / protecting
  • Database Excellence - Great latency in production with MS T-SQL and/or Postgres
  • Language Competence - C#, Javascript/React, and Python preferred
  • The Linux Ecosystem - the tools, components, and infrastructure that make “Cloud” work

About Direct Supply

Offering millions of products, streamlined large project management, and novel service delivery strategies, Direct Supply brings tremendous value to every step of electronic ordering and delivery.

With expert selection assistance, we offer a huge selection of products for every corner of Senior Living as well as strategic engineered solutions that fit needs and budgets.  With more than 35 years of experience we are a trusted partner of our suppliers, customers, and those our customers care for.

An employee-owned company focused on improving the world of Senior Living through innovation and cutting-edge talent.
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